December 27, 2008

[Design Portfolio Spotting] Dialect

In the straightforward, grayscale spirit of Giovanni Jubert’s online portfolio, I spotted the work of web marketing agency Dialect based in Vancouver Island, Canada. Viewing their home screen, I appreciated their upfront honesty in calling themselves a small business. After all, “small” shouldn’t be considered a pejorative term; a business’s success isn’t strictly tied to its size.

Small can mean lean. With this in mind, the success found in Dialect’s Case Studies is described in a succinct and clear way—qualities shared by the interface’s simple two-column grid. The dominance of black text and generous white margins makes for comfortable reading, and accentuates the color of the screen details of their client web work.

For an inspiring approach to making a design portfolio online, check out the simple presentation of Alex Dunae and Nik Szymanis of Dialect.