December 29, 2008

Guest-Blogging about Design and Metals

Earlier this month, I began as a guest blogger for MetalMiner™ which is focused on issues, trends, strategies, and trade policies dealing with metals and related metals services. You’re probably wondering why I’m contributing to a blog that isn’t directly related to design.

The first part of the answer is personal: the force behind MetalMiner™ is Lisa Reisman, a friend of mine. I wrote about the interface design of her webapp MetalMiner IndX(SM). She provided me with an open invitation to write for her blog, but the condition was that my pieces relate to the subject matter of metals. This leads to the second part of my answer: design and metals make for a special relationship. One aspect of designing is making connections and there’s a lot to report when it comes to design and metals. Here are the first postings:
In many ways, designing is writing; and writing designing. If a friend or client invites you to write or edit something, you’ll find your mind and hands fully engaged with the visible word.

I’ll let you know of future pointers to postings that explore the bond between design and metals.