July 14, 2020

To Embark on a Career in Data Analytics and Data Science, Data Analyst Sean Sullivan Points to Self-Kindness as Key in Building an Accomplished Portfolio of Work

How to build a data analytics/science portfolio that increases your hiring chances was the topic of a recent talk hosted by data-upskill school Promotable. Sean Sullivan, a data analyst at media agency Spark Foundry, offered solid steps, from finding a data set that genuinely interests you to minding and communicating your process throughout the data-portfolio-creation effort. The high-order bit I found the most important from Sean’s presentation was this grounded prompt:
“Be kind to yourself.”
Sounds like Sean was channeling BrenĂ© Brown and Arianna Huffington, the champions of well-being. With an economy constricted and a job market deflated, Sean’s self-care directive was meaningfully apropos in these tensely dramatic times. Making a portfolio of work, focused on data analytics/science in this case, is an accrued testimony of lessons and accomplishments. Done to continuously gain knowledge and launch a professional path—requiring precious variables: time, energy, speed and money. Progress is an all-consuming goal—worthwhile for having the career most desired. Professional portfolio-building, like any thirsty pursuit, is inherent with challenges, disappointments and positively formative moments. As Sean concisely prescribed, best to be kind to the determined protagonist in your ambitious story: you.

Thanks again to Promotable who further nurture their virtual workshops with expert perspectives through their generation of regular events online! Explore their YouTube channel and Events at LinkedIn.

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