June 30, 2020

Sean MacCarthy of Mega-Retailer Claire’s Upholds Curiosity as an Admirable Variable when Working with Data

Fashion is taste-making. Its industry depends on identifying and seizing the pulse of personal, aesthetic expression. Data is at the core of this cultural enterprise. The unbridled coverage and tracking of what styles escalate to peak interest (and purchase) relies on data analytics/science. Enthusiasm for this kind of data-driven work was palpable throughout the talk given by Sean MacCarthy, a strategy and insights executive at retailer Claire’s, in a lecture hosted by data-skills school Promotable. His nerdy proficiency of data amplified in the fashion industry—particularly channeled and harnessed by AI (artificial intelligence) and ML (machine learning)—was apparent.

Claire’s business model is a contemporary template for every company taking advantage of the operational benefits afforded in data—collecting, analyzing and managing it. Data remains the super staple food for a brand to excel.

When asked about how he hires for his data-inquisitive team, Sean scouts for these characteristics:
“Really curious. Really hungry. And self-starting attitude.”
It’s no surprise that the first emphasis was on curiosity, because it’s not only one of the most PR’d qualifications, it’s also perishable. The next work-trait of “hungry” turns curiosity into diligence for seeing ideation and problem-solving through. Then “self-starting” is the built-in drive to put things into motion and achieve productivity (another championed job requirement).

Such pristine attributes rank high in Sean’s professional criteria, a greatly essential list, in attracting the best minds over matter—the digital chemical of data in this case. The beauty of such a hiring menu is that it’s not only beholden to job-screening data analytics analysts and data scientists. Curiosity. Drive. Motivation. These are durable indicators in seeking ideal members to join a work culture—of the positively geeky persuasion.

Thanks again to Promotable who expand on their virtual workshops with expert perspectives through their planning of regular events online! Explore their channel on YouTube.

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