July 18, 2015

Patronage Package 18 of Duly Discovered


“ReWork: Rethinking Work and Well-being”
by Arianna Huffington

“Want to innovate? Become a ‘now-ist’”
by Joi Ito


“State of Design”
by 50,000feet, Founding Partner of the Chicago Design Museum

“Knoll gets an eternally modern look
courtesy of Chicago ad shop 50,000feet”

by Lewis Lazare


“Sunday Sketches”
by Christoph Niemann


“Dave Grohl can’t stop playing guitar,
even after he breaks his leg on stage”

by Dante D'Orazio

“Mark Ronson: Beyond ‘Uptown Funk’”
by Anthony Mason


Episode 105: “Stop The Insanity” with Ryan Evans
by “Breaking Down Your Business”


“‘Safety Truck’: Back screens on trucks
may pave way for safer overtaking”

by RT

“The Economic Impact of Bad Meetings”
by Emily Pidgeon

“Should I start a blog?”
by Jenny Dolphin


“Nix Pro Color Sensor”
reviewed by Dave Cuzner, Grain Edit

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