June 7, 2009

More Flickr Fascination with Typography and Color

Once something is discovered, it’s discovered even more. Since the previous post about the typographic stimulation that Flickr helps spread, it was a pleasure to discover other galleries that keep up with the diversity of typographic matter: typecase: by Depression Press, and Paper Ephemera showcase an eclectic array of typefaces and compositions. These give way to lists: Vandelay Design compiled 99 Flickr Groups for Design Inspiration and David Airey shares 30 inspiring Flickr groups on typography.

Complementing type is color, as seen in Idée Labs’s Multiclr Search Lab which provides a visual search of Flickr sets.

With all this Flickr activity, compelled by all things typographic in nature, one can afflict Flickrosis, getting overloaded with Flickr Fascination. There’s a lot of typographic matter and it can feel excessive. But it’s comforting that such a body of content exists to challenge one’s threshold of indulgence.