July 29, 2008

Flickr Taps Into Our Inner Typographer

There’s a growing number of Flickr communities of interest, or “Group Pools” in Flickr-speak, honing their lens on the expanding range of typographic mattter from Business Cards to Letterpress to Table of Contents, Signage Systems to Type Specimens. Complementing these few examples of community-driven sets of images are solo exhibits such as the Great Ideas, Volume III, book cover series, Iain Follett’s Stamps collection, 1950s–1970s advertising, Vintage Logos, retronomatopeya, The Letterpress Process, and Good design on paper. More info about a couple of these Flickr sets can be found at the We Made This and grain edit blogs.

Typographer Erik Spiekermann said, “Picture yourself in a world without type. True, you could do without some of the ubiquitous advertising messages, but you wouldn’t even know which package on your breakfast table contained what.” More than an image-hosting service, Flickr helps reinforce the importance of type and typography. It celebrates the lettterform factor, beyond the “breakfast table.”