November 10, 2008

[Easier said than practiced] Quotes about Change

“Doing a new logo isn't going to change a thing. You need to change your company, you need to change your structure, how you talk to people, how you behave, how you interact with the community. You need to change. You can’t change and stay the same.”
—Carlos Segura, Designer, Segura, Inc. (via Business POV)

“I don’t have the physiology for being a poster boy. The standard of poster boy is you’ve got to be unimpeachable, right? That’s a fool CV. The right thing to do is to be one step behind the poster boy, so he gets knocked on the the had, and then you learn from that and adjust. On the other hand, when you hear, ‘After you, after you,’ and nobody moves, eventually you’ve go to close your eyes and jump. Maybe that’s absurd. But I have to try.”
—Jeff Swartz, CEO, Timberland (via Fast Company, September 2008)

“Rules are overrated. They need to be changed by every generation. That is your most important mandate: If it’s not broken, break it. One way of coming to terms with the prevailing language of a cultural orthodoxy is to reject it. It may be necessary to invent tools and methods about which you know nothing, to act in ways that allow you to utilize the content of your personal experience, to form an obsession and to cut through the weight of your education. Obsession is what it comes down to. It is difficult to think without obsession, and it is impossible to create something without a foundation that is rigorous, incontrovertible, and, in fact, to some degree repetitive. Repetition is the ritual of obsession. Don’t confuse the obsession of repetition with learning by rote. I am suggesting a form of inquiry, a procedure to jumpstart the indecision of beginning.”
—Richard Serra, Sculptor, 2008 Commencement Address, Williams College (via DesignNotes)