November 5, 2008

Designers of the World, Unite!

A much anticipated U.S. General Election day has passed, and among the many striking aspects to an unprecedented election season, are the prolific works by designers who were clearly motivated by the exciting presidential campaign:
  • The current version of Everymoment Now explored news coverage of the 2008 presidential race as a dynamic information graphic.
  • The design team at captured particular attributes of political history, for example, presidential physique, in addition to the words that describe the people’s “election mood.”
  • Designers Lindsay Ballant and Ian Boyle created Behind the Candidates (via Swissmiss) which takes on the angle of policy advisors behind the candidates.
  • Coudal Partners wrote a bold call of mindfulness and action.

Like many others, I feel good to be a part of history. I voted, posted a couple of pictures to the Polling Place Photo Project and watched the results. It was a change-charged day.