July 19, 2023

Design Feast’s Side Projects Series—116th Interview: AI Product Designer Steven Phung Equips Extensively the UI & UX Design Community with UX Gears

What are you working on—on the side?

I am the humble creator behind UX Gears, a vast design repository that seeks to inspire UX, UI and product designers across the globe. Within UX Gears, you’ll discover a delightful collection of over 500 handpicked links—carefully curated with love. From an abundance of UI, UX tools to ingenious AI-powered design tools, captivating illustrations, charming typography, delightful iconography, invaluable accessibility guides, comprehensive design systems and a never-ending wellspring of inspiration, UX Gears is here to support your creative journey.

Throughout my own seven-year design expedition, I’ve witnessed firsthand the remarkable impact UX design has on organisations and their products. It is like a hidden gem, a humble gear that quietly drives startups, fuels the growth of scale-ups, and empowers enterprises to reach new heights. Its significance may not always be apparent, but make no mistake—it plays a pivotal role in maintaining order and propelling the entire engine forward.

That’s precisely why I created UX Gears, a comprehensive repository of design resources that will help not just junior designers to accelerate their career in very competitive industry but also provide meaningful aid for pro-designers to create impactful digital experiences.

With UX Gears, my aim extends far beyond a mere repository. It is a friendly haven, a space where designers of all skill levels can find solace, inspiration and the tools they need to thrive in a fiercely competitive industry.

How do you manage to work on your side project(s)?

Managing UX Gears, alongside my full-time job, goes beyond traditional time management. It’s about balancing my passion, commitment and adaptability. There are some techniques and strategies to manage my workload

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