February 20, 2020

Cross-Functional Efficiency through DevOps: Gerald Gunter, Chief Technologist of Iter8tion, Calls for Overcoming Silos at the 4th Promotable Event

One of the sharp paradoxes of technology is that it enables efficiency and its opposite. While this isn’t a revelation to anyone, for increasingly tech-reliant organizations, especially concerning software development and systems management, running a business with minimal waste as a by-product remains an ever-necessary task. For their 4th event this year, education company Promotable organized a talk by Gerald Gunter, Founder and CEO of Iter8tion, which specializes in IT automation. He spoke about the growing reception to adopting DevOps. This concept fuses software development (Dev) and IT operations (Ops) to improve how a business operates. Tech is at the core here but it’s a mostly cultural shift. One top benefit underscored by Gerald was “Tearing down silos.”

The workplace silos, identified by Gerald, pointed to residual realities that DevOps is meant to address: competing goals of projects, recurring obstacles to collaboration, inadequate communication, etc. DevOps is essentially wringing out the persistence of these legacy issues congesting the advancement of digital infrastructure.

While portraying DevOps as a work culture of streamlining efforts in his presentation, I kept perceiving Gerald as the Chief Architect of Anti-Bloat. In-house productivity is one of DevOps’ overarching goals—identifying and dismantling bloatware everywhere in business and tech. Thanks to Gerald for both sharing his mission of increasing efficiencies in large-scale, digital processes and the life-work reminder to simplify.

Thanks again to Promotable who proactively connect their data-skills coursework with timely perspectives through their organizing of talks!

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