July 21, 2016

Pride, Work and Necessity of Side Projects: Event series Creative Women’s Conversations by Ari Krzyzek, Creative Director

What are you working on—on the side?

I’ve gone through so many side projects since 2011 and realized what makes great side projects, what works, how to fail fast and how to move forward with something new. My latest side project is Creative Women’s Conversations. It is an intimate environment, a safe place for creative women to be vulnerable, share stories, to learn and grow with one another, network and have quality conversations over brunch and cocktails.

Events are limited to 10 women (total including the host/co-host) in order to create such an intimate setting. I found that smaller groups have proven to provide better feedback, therefore I love keeping the guests limited in number for each event to make sure we get solid discussions and introductions. The mission of Creative Women’s Conversations is to create an inspiring and collaborative community for women entrepreneurs where they can share their goals and struggles, exchange opinions and even collaborate to lift each other up.

How do you manage to work on your side project(s)?

It’s really tricky. Though being a mom and designer have helped me manage my time better, sometimes I would multi-task my side project into my work schedule, and sometimes I would focus on just my side projects on weekends. I’m still slowly trying to figure out a better schedule for my clients’ projects and side projects. Because my side project has become something that I really want to grow, and believing it helps and inspires other women, I try my best to include it into my daily schedule.

Why have a side project?

To feed on the creative process. As a creative person, I want to keep doing something that I can continuously feel satisfied with. Even though I own a design company and have a range of varied design projects, I crave for something more. A side project helps me fulfill that craving and to keep on learning. ツ

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Images courtesy of Ari Krzyzek.

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