September 12, 2013

Delightful Details of the Redesign

Courtesy of the CreativeMornings Blog

I’m motivated every time I visit the redesigned site for CreativeMornings, “a breakfast lecture series for creative people.” There are a few details that I find particularly compelling:

Colorful details

When information is being loaded, a progress bar appears. This small animated strip of colors represents each of the 57 cities—and growing—where there is a CreativeMornings chapter. It’s a festive motif that persists throughout the website. Would make for a cool Tattly.

Color is also used proactively and elegantly in place of a profile portrait. If a subscriber doesn’t post a picture, a graphic is displayed instead—everything from a morning cup of coffee to a croissant to a donut. All illustrations are simply drawn. The result is an array of playful forms matched with a playful color palette. In interface design, the empty state does not have to be void of consideration.

Typographic detail

For those with a typographic fetish for ligatures, the “Official Partners” page showcases an “ffi”. It’s a flirtatious wink, typographically speaking.

The delight of this redesign is truly in the details.

• • •

Big thanks to Tina Roth Eisenberg, a.k.a. Swissmiss, for inventing CreativeMornings, my kind of design conference.

• • •

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