August 27, 2012

Download Chicago CreativeMornings 2011 Collection of Insights

Big thanks to Swissmiss for making what I keep calling as my kind of design conference. It brought me back from my self-imposed banishment and disenchantment with design conferences. Held on a monthly basis in cities all over, CreativeMornings brings to light the highly diverse range of makers, who cultivate their disciplines in their respective locations. These local events marry a playful sense of imagination with a grounding quality of place. CreativeMornings celebrates the welcoming nudge and therapy of creativity.

CreativeMornings made its debut in Chicago in the summer of 2011. Here is a handy and lean collection of inspirational-speaker quotes from CreativeMornings’ first year:

Download the free 8-page print-optimized PDF, with links.

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Big thanks to: organizer Mig Reyes, videographers Chris Gallevo and Erick De La Rosa, including past volunteers, for their great work on making CreativeMornings happen in Chicago.

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Swissmiss launched a CreativeMornings Kickstarter campaign “to create a growing archive of stories, ideas and advice from remarkable creative minds [currently] across 34 cities.” It reached its goal in a stunning four hours. There are still more days available to help further fund this exciting effort.

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