June 28, 2013

Interface Details: Alan Fletcher’s Terms and Sixteen Eighty Design’s Process

These are websites, at the time of their discovery, with aspects of their interface design worth noting:


Upon visiting the website of graphic designer Alan Fletcher, before you can navigate it, a central notice of “Terms and conditions” displays:
“© Raffaella Fletcher and Fletcher Studios 2013. All rights reserved. We are the owner of all intellectual property rights, except where otherwise credited, in relation to this website, including but not limited to copyright. The contents of this website cannot be used without the prior written consent of the Fletcher family.”
Only after selecting “I agree” can I view Fletcher’s archive and shop. This upfront communication professionally broadcasts an important reminder: personally made work is personally owned and must be respected.


Business commonly share and communicate their processes, especially design-related ones. It’s a part of self-promotion and intended to convey transparency. I noticed that Sixteen Eighty Design displays their process differently. Besides being short and plainly written, they call it “A PROVEN PROCESS”. Inserting that adjective makes a difference in its perception, sharpened by the all-capital letters.

• • •

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