April 9, 2013

Interface Details: Berger & Föhr’s Ambiance, Simple Focus’ Retro, Big Bite Creative’s Whimsy

These are websites, at the time of their discovery, with parts of their interface design that connect with enduring qualities:


Berger & Föhr, a graphic design studio run by Todd Berger and Lucian Föhr in Boulder, Colorado, display their projects in a strong, photographic way. For example, their identity design for Justin Horacek, maker of handcrafted heirloom-quality furniture, is put into the client’s inspirational context: composed primarily of wood, with a textured and sanded form, and photographed by Jamie Kripke and Sam Campbell. Ambiance improves the reception of Horacek’s business communication.

Retro Style

Design firm Simple Focus, in Germantown, Tennessee, simply incorporates radio buttons of Apple’s Mac OS Aqua version (2000) as part of their website’s navigation. You don’t need to be a user-interface nerd to appreciate this touch, but if you are, it’s a pleasant recognition.


One of the special features, to me, of letterpress printing studio Paperwheel Press in Portola Valley, California, is their rocket—located in their website’s footer. Click it and lift-off shoots you back to the top of the web page. Thanks to Big Bite Creative in Middlesbrough, England, for bringing in an element of the fantastic—because rocket ships are—to an interface.

• • •

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