November 9, 2011

Interface Details: DUMBO’s Love, Cortney Bishop’s Desk, Periodicity’s Mobile App Screens

Discovered via swissmiss, smartassdesign and Artforge “lovingly crafted” The DUMBO Improvement District(1) website. Some writers are adverse to adverbs, judging them as extraneous. But the use of an adverb is fine here, totally. They bring to life how much effort is put into a project, and express the effort’s quality. Adverbs serve this purpose wherever it’s appropriate—even in a footer, which, as this example demonstrates, is an area not to be taken for granted(2).

Typical presentations of “About”-related details are in the form of words. Interior designer Cortney Bishop’s site mostly shows, rather than just tell, what she is about. She displays tools, sketches, colors and objects that compose her work world. It’s reminiscent of Ray Eame’s desk.

In showing the array of screens for their iPhone app, Periodicity, Germany-based Gryphos GmbH presented each user interface alongside the hardware. It’s a literal approach that gives the software direct context in a refreshingly straightforward way.

(1) Means: Down Under The Manhattan Bridge Overpass.
(2) Inspired to do the same for Design Feast’s footer.