March 21, 2010

“REWORK”: Audio Review of 37signals’ Book on Less being truly More

Like Gary’s book, 37signals’ book also looks stunning without the jacket.

Following our review of Gary Vaynerchuk’s book Crush It!, my colleague Joe and I rushed to get a copy of 37signals’ latest book REWORK. It’s based on a true story—37signals’ experiences in making and growing a business, being creative all the way. The company created the popular web application Basecamp. I’m a fan of their product Backpack. REWORK offers insightful and ultra-quotable brevity in tidy bites. Consisting of 288 pages, it is concise—no bloat. We had fun creating this review and hope you enjoy it:

Total time: 28.24

To find out more about the book’s making, from seeking a publisher to editorial rounds, listen to 37signals’ podcast. Complementing all of the lean essays are wonderful and simple black-and-white sketchnote illustrations by Mike Rohde. You can read about his process and see his fantastic note taking during the SEED conferences.