February 6, 2009

[Design Portfolio Spotting] Jussi Gamache of Freezepop

This Design Portfolio Spotting post came with a bonus: An addition to my list of music appreciation for the Boston-based synth-pop band Freezepop. You may have heard of them via video games. The lead vocalist is Liz Enthusiasm, the pseudonym of Justinne (“Jussi”) Gamache who, much to my delight, is a graphic designer.

Her online portfolio is simple and compact. One-screen sites (as reported by 37signals and Web Designer Wall) are admirable. Jussi’s portfolio requires no scrolling—a trend I thought had passed in web design—so it was refreshing to see it here.

The contour of the collage-esque shape housing her content adds a contrast of texture and edge, especially the ripped notebook form. At the same time, this technique visually chunks the content with a spot for the navigation, caption and lightbox area (without being lightboxed, no relation to Rick-rolled). The end result showcases the design work, all resting on one screen, without leaving it.

Jussi’s online design portfolio makes for “frozen music” (pun intended).