August 26, 2022

Design Feast’s Makers Series—120th Interview: Fashion Designer Lina Lavi’s Big Love for Altruism and Activewear

Lina Lavi found and cut her path as an Apparel Designer. Here, she elaborates on turning this self-awareness into a self-fulfilling career. Giving thoughts too on mentorship and self-love.

How did you become interested in the apparel industry?

As someone who has always found joy and expression through art, I knew I wanted to go to art school after I graduated high school. I decided to take some time after high school to find a direction for myself. I had an introduction to apparel when I worked in retail. I found clothing was an exciting form of self-expression, and I loved helping people find pieces that gave them confidence and a sense of identity.

What were essential steps you took in initiating and ultimately becoming an apparel designer?

I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts with a major in Fashion Design at CCA in San Francisco. I found a specific area of interest/passion within the industry, which for me is sweater design. I leaned into sweater design through school and my career—and to this day, my sweater design knowledge and passion have gotten me just about every job I’ve had. I also made sure to take advantage of internships while in school. I have connections and dear friendships that have stemmed from those initial years in my design education. Internships are a great way to get real-life experience in the industry, but making genuine connections with the people is what is truly going to help you succeed.

Conceptual storytelling is one of your design methods. What do you mean? Can you share an example?

Honestly, it is just a fancy way of saying mood-board development! I think it is important to start with 

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