May 3, 2021

LinkedIn’s Insights Manager Hallie Moldawer Reinforces Enablement When it Pertains to Launching Products and Services

In her recent talk with data-skills school Promotable, Hallie Moldawer, Senior Insights Manager at LinkedIn, stated: “A big piece of it is enablement.” She referred to the practical reception of data-driven products and services. The awareness, use and ultimate success of these creations relies on enablement.

“Enable” is one of those go-to business proclamations. However regularly it comes up in project stakeholder gatherings and the media, “enable” is essentially–in the product-and-service-building sense—about helping people accomplish a task, a goal, an effort. Nudging them steadily toward gaining moments of productivity. 

For example, the software industry is ripe with enablers, from tool tips to notifications to voice-commands to touchless transactions and more. All of which are debatable in their benefits and side effects (such as “notification addiction”). Yet, the drive “to enable” the user stays in line with the aggressive and aspirational plans of business, design and tech.

Paired with her acknowledging the benefits of enablement, Hallie grounded this persistent talking (and implementing) point among managers, strategists, designers, engineers, et al., with a plainspoken technique—bluntly put as: “So what?” Early on in her career as a data analyst when she was putting together and presenting data-driven models, her audience, particularly director-level types, reacted with responses such as: “So how is this relevant?” or “Why does this matter?” In essence: “So what?” A direct question, straightforward and succinct—so Hemingway. 

At the same time, prudent to have a so-what attitude where “so” is the critical-thinking qualifier: so how does this analysis inform a business decision; so how does this initiative enhance company culture; so how does this research improve a product’s usability and adoption … So what? It’s a tried-and-true prompt to take thoughts to the next level.

When it comes to problem-solving, when data is involved, when expectations matter in making business, when design and tech are steered continually to work together favorably, Hallie's push of rigorous enablement is not subject to complacency—so not the time!

Thanks again to Promotable who amplify their virtual workshops with talks organized regularly online! Explore their channel on YouTube.

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