September 9, 2020

Kenny Ly of Accenture Mines Business Processes to Extract Valuable Information Regarding Performance and Speed

It has become a pattern to attach the word “mining” to business-driven nouns to amplify their meaning, such as data mining and intention mining. At a recent webinar hosted by workforce accelerator Promotable, Kenny Ly, a Senior Manager of Data Analytics at consulting firm Accenture, offered such a linguistic combo: process mining. This means analyzing the data resulting from a sequence of activities executed internally (stakeholder) and externally (consumer, customer) to accomplish a goal. Following are a couple of areas Kenny addressed which got my attention:

Qualitative Data → Kenny anchored the qualitative (or “anecdotal” as he pegged it) with the quantitative. This enables corroboration between two types of data amassed in carrying out a process. The quantitative complements the qualitative. But they feed each other. Besides being one of the world’s best, natural resources, words constitute basic data. They’re valuable—demonstrated constantly by self-expression, characterized by diction, sentiment, tone and viewpoint. These dimensions apply to sentiment analysis—otherwise called opinion mining.

Shortcuts → When Kenny stated, “Not all conformance is bad,” I smiled (cautiously). A process is elastic. It can be improved to gain efficiency. Or a well-intentioned improvement can unintentionally, as the high-fantasy writer J. R. R. Tolkien put it, “make long delays.” The fidelity of calibrating complexity is a tricky exercise—nonetheless, worthwhile, concerning quality and ultimately: safety. Jason Fried, who co-founded web-based project management software Basecamp, gave this mindful directive that connects with the time and energy swallowed by processes: “Beware [of] many shortcuts in a row.”

From deconstructing the qualitative to devising shortcuts as they relate to data analytics and science, mine fully—decide wisely.

Thanks again to Promotable who fuse their virtual workshops with talks organized regularly online! Explore their channel on YouTube.

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