June 4, 2020

Trust and Triangulation: Abbott’s Jayant Rajpurohit on Data Analytics during the Coronavirus Pandemic

In these times inflicted by COVID–19, data is a necessity. How people and resources are organized and mobilized depend on it. In a recent webinar organized by data-skills school Promotable, the role of data analytics in this unfamiliar climate was addressed by Jayant Rajpurohit, a Global Lead for Market Research and Strategic Analytics in the Transfusion Medicine division at healthcare and medical devices company Abbott. Two data-centric factors that resonated the most with me from his presentation were:

Data Trust → Rigorous governance of data cultivates trust. As Jayant posed, “Can these data metrics be trusted into the future?” Only trustworthy sources lend themselves to be trusted—over time.

Data Triangulation → Instead of just, as Jayant put it, “spitting out data,” make sure it’s reliable—not rote. Continually cross-validate the data to ensure it’s correct and achieves consistency.

Data analytics stirs discussion and vice versa. The productivity of data-driven interactions counts on trust and triangulation. They provide quality data to inform quality decision-making. Helps to foster certainty when uncertainty spreads.

Thanks again to Promotable who augment their virtual workshops with relevant perspectives through their planning of regular talks online! Explore their channel on YouTube.

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