April 8, 2020

Data Scientist Annie Condon of Knauf Insulation Clarifies the Path to Having a Data Analytics Career in a Promotable Webinar

The worlds of data and science are, plainly put: massive. The resulting discipline of data analytics/science implies vast experience required to break in as a profession.

During her recent Promotable webinar, Annie Condon, a Data Scientist at Knauf Insulation, debunked the typically assumed path toward becoming a data analyst/scientist:
“Data science roles can often be about so much more than just the technical skill. There’s a lot of well-roundedness, and it sounds like looking at your guy’s backstories, there’s a lot of diversity in where you come from. So don’t undervalue that diversity. There’s a lot of opportunity for people who have communication skills or who have already worked with a certain type of data before, like actuarial data or sales data or even human behavior data.”
With diversity in mind, Annie submitted herself as a case study of a new entrant joining the data analytics/science workforce—considering her undergraduate degree in literature and notably: no coding chops! When she committed to the data analytics/science trajectory, she established herself by first achieving a master’s degree in data science (called predictive analytics at the time) from Northwestern University. Here, she completed a capstone course (a culmination project) which proved to be pivotal in establishing her professional footprint. Upon graduation, she acquired corporate roles that included getting hired by Northrop Grumman as a Data Scientist—where her capstone project was keenly received as part of her application.

All of these engagements accrued as relevant building blocks in Annie’s quest to become a critical data analytics/science practitioner. Step by step, experience by experience, she made her career arc—at the same time, toppling preconceived notions along her lifework’s journey. Annie valued her diversity by harnessing it.

Thanks again to Promotable who diligently blend their web-based workshops with informative perspectives through their organizing of regular talks online! Explore their channel on YouTube.

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