February 24, 2020

Driving Change Through Measurement: Charles Jenkins, Director of Analytics at Northwestern Medicine, Speaks at a Promotable Event

Adopting a method for analyzing a standard set of data to achieve an organized, consistent and ultimately beneficial impact on a business’s performance over time is a tall challenge. At a recent event held by data-skills school Promotable, Charles Jenkins, Director of Analytics at Northwestern Medicine, showed how he and his team accomplished it with a framework they called a “Balanced Scorecard.” 

Using such a structure to reach consensus internally and rolled out enterprise-wide is impressive—because it consists of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to measure capacities across Northwestern Medicine’s healthcare system. Based on how much the Balanced Scorecard stimulated Q&A after Charles’ presentation, my hunch was that most of the audience wished to achieve such an effort at their respective companies (and suite of networks). The collective desire to activate a standard means of measuring performance for initiatives engaged throughout a business.

Charles and his team created then advocated an evaluation that marries organizational data analytics and systems thinking. The Balanced Scorecard is a decision-making tool to help inform how Northwestern Medicine can act efficiently—even intelligently. Charles’ observations that it’s an integral part of meetings is remarkable. Fulfilling its purpose—excellently declared as: “Driving Change through Measurement.”

Confident that the audience left with this motivation to launch a strategic report similar to Jenkins’ and his team’s Balanced Scorecard to help improve their execution of activities and those elsewhere. Measure in order to drive change. Go!

Thanks again to Promotable who proactively connect their coursework with timely perspectives through their organizing of weekly events!

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