May 31, 2015

Patronage Package 16 of Duly Discovered


“Paper Pencil Life #3”
by Summer Pierre

“Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life”
by Barbara Kingsolver

“Leaving Earth: Why One-Way to Mars Makes Sense” 
by Andrew Rader


Up to All of Us


“Shatter Rupture Break”
by Art Institute of Chicago


by Bill Plympton


by Andrew Rader

In Memoriam

“A tribute to Lauren Hill”
by Steve Hartman

“Late Chicago Chef Sought to Open ‘A New Page in Gastronomy’”
by The Salt

“Percy Sledge, Smooth Wailer in ‘When a Man Loves a Woman,’
Is Dead at 74”

by Joe Coscarelli

“In ‘Still Alice,’ Director Couple Tells A Story that Mirrors Their Own”
by Ina Jaffe


“Amanda Palmer on How to Fight, Meditate, and Make Good Art”
by Tim Ferriss




“​Tips on photographing Northern Lights”
by David Morgan


“31 of the Best Podcasts For Creating the Well-Rounded Entrepreneur”
by Carolyn Crummey


“Starving for Wisdom”
by Nick Kristof

“Chicago Area Nepalis Set Up Fund to Help Quake Victims
in Homeland”

by CBS News Chicago

“After 25 Years, The Hubble Space Telescope Still Wows Humanity”
by Geoff Brumfiel

“After Fan Pressure, Netflix Makes ‘Daredevil’ Accessible to The Blind”
by Arun Rath

“Cherry blossom season brings beauty and business to Japan”
by Seth Doane

“As Joan Jett Is Inducted, Women Still Scarce at Rock Hall
 by David C. Barnett

“Revisiting The Night Abraham Lincoln Was Shot 150 Years Ago”
by Renee Montagne

“Adventures in Vietnam—Street Food, Love and Taking Chances”
by Rachel Martin

“Statue Display Honors Youth Felled by Gun Violence”
by CBS News Chicago

“Video of Officer Shooting Man in The Back
Astonishes South Carolina Residents”

by Sarah McCammon

“Doctors Test Tumor Paint in People”
by Joe Palca

“Home: Recipes to Share with Family and Friends”
by Bryan Voltaggio

“When Did Humans Start Shaping Earth’s Fate? An Epoch Debate”
by Nell Greenfieldboyce

“To Alleviate Confusion, Los Angeles Officials
Give Color-Coded Parking Signs A Try”

by Sam Sanders

“Large Hadron Collider Goes Back Online after 2-Year Hiatus”
by Scott Neuman

by Morley Safer

“Here’s A First: A Self-Driving Car with No Pity for Fools”
by Topanga Abbott-Chen

“Artist Goes Outside The Lines with Coloring Books for Grown-Ups”
by Audie Cornish


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