August 31, 2014

Patronage Package 8 of Duly Discovered


“Smartphone Apps Help To Battle Campus Sexual Assaults”
by Juana Summers


September Publishing: “unique stories, extraordinary lives
and expert insight”

by Katherine H. Courage, Contributing Editor, Scientific American

“Great Gals: Inspired Ideas for Living a Kick-Ass Life”
written, designed, and illustrated by Summer Pierre

“Smart People Should Build Things”
by Andrew Yang


“Student Guide to Web Design”
by Janna Hagan

ConstructionKids, “hands-on learning for ages 4–12”

Summit of Thiel Fellowship


“The SUM”
by The Bold Italic

“What makes a Rockstar Copywriter?”
by Redacted

“Return of the Neighborhood as an Urban Strategy”
by The University of Illinois at Chicago


“The Art of Video Games”
by American History Museum of Smithsonian Institution

“Phantoms in the Dirt”
by Museum of Contemporary Photography


“Y Tu Mamá También” (2001)
directed by Alfonso Cuarón, becomes part of the Criterion Collection

Stanley Kubrick editing “Barry Lyndon” (1975) in his garage (1974)

Trailer to “Autómata”
directed by Gabe Ibáñez, co-written with Igor Legarreta
and Javier Sánchez Donate

TV documentary series of Craft in America


“Print Isn’t Dead”
by Jennifer Dionisio

“Movie Poster of the Week: The Illustrated Lauren Bacall” 
by Adrian Curry

“Archival Large Cake Print” 
by Summer Pierre

“Drawing on Anatomy: the art and science of the human body” 
by Susan Dorothea White

“morning run”
by Elizabeth Baddeley

“Healthy Snacks in the Office” (with lovely packaging)
by Script & Seal

“Custom Book Portraits”
by Summer Pierre

“It’s Hump Day!”
by Shauna Panczyszyn


Album “Barragán” by Blonde Redhead

Album “Manipulator” by Ty Segall

Album “Tied To A Star” by J Mascis, Co-Founder of Dinosaur Jr.

Album “The Golden Echo” by Kimbra

Album “Sparks” by Imogen Heap, Singer-Songwriter, Composer, Technology Pioneer

Album “Tudo” by Bossa Nova Singer Bebel Gilberto,
daughter of João Gilberto and singer Miúcha

Album “I’m Not Bossy, I’m The Boss” by Sinead O’Connor

Song “High As Hello” performed by Tweedy—Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy
and his son Spencer, including Lucius

Song “Fuck You” by Garfunkel and Oates


Desks of Silicon Valley workers by Ike Edeani

“The Start of Something New” by Laura Helen Winn

Robin Williams cheerleading for the Denver Broncos (1980)

Architecture and Interiors by John Faier


Mindful Creator, “exploring what it takes for artists and creators to cultivate meaningful work without losing ourselves along the way,” hosted by Brett Henley

Story Signals, “dedicated to purpose, focus, clarity,”
hosted by Matt Ragland


Lagom “celebrates innovation and creativity…”

Oak Street “explores the interaction
between media, culture, community…”

Pith + Vigor for gardening community


The Farmery: “urban vertical farming and retailing system
designed to produce and sell locally produced food”


“Ebola Is Rapidly Mutating As It Spreads Across West Africa”
by Michaeleen Doucleff

“Humanities, All Too Humanities!” 
by Joel Stein

“Circle Interchange renamed in honor of former Mayor Jane Byrne, first and to-date only female mayor of Chicago” 
by John Byrne

“Mystery of The Slithering Stones in California’s Death Valley”
by Christopher Joyce

“Raising A Birthday Glass To Comics King Jack Kirby” 
by Jessica Bloustein Marshall

“How The ‘Kung Fu Fighting’ Melody Came To Represent Asia” 
by Kat Chow

“Build A Toothbrush, Change The World. Or Not” by Joe Palca

“Ebola Took Her Daughters and Made Her An Outcast”
by Nurith Aizenman

“Typewriters, Underwater Hotels And Picture Phones: The Future, As Seen From 1964” 
by David Kestenbaum

“A Maverick Director, At Home On The Range”
by Mandelit del Barco

“The Power of The Peer Group in Preventing Campus Rape” 
by Laura Starecheski

“For Food Startups, Incubators Help Dish Up Success”
by Allison Aubrey

“888,246 Ceramic Poppies Honors Britain’s World War I Dead”
by Ari Shapiro

“The Machine That Tried to Scan The Brain—In 1882”
by Chris Benderev

“Ask a Debut Novelist”
by Ted Thompson

“Sometimes, Early Birds Are Too Early”
by Matt Richtel

“The Designing Woman: The perfect career of Lauren Bacall—an exquisite beauty with the quickest mind in the room—in five films”
by Dana Stevens

“Unforgettable Day in the Recording Studio With Robin Williams”
by Dahlia Lithwick

“What Robin Williams Taught Us About Teaching”
by Anna Kaymenetz

“Studio Ghibli Is Not Dead Yet—So: People, stop freaking out. For now.”
by Brian Ashcraft

“Tips on How To Avoid Burnout”
by Nidhi Thapar

“Jackie Robinson West Advances to Little League World Series”
by Paul Skrbina

“What Makes A Nation Happy?”
by Eleanor Beardsley

“War Correspondent Reflects…Pet Turning 100 (In Dog Years)”
by Lourdes Garcia-Navarro

“Lev Grossman: A ‘Magician’ Grows Up”
by Petra Mayer

“Mystery Writer Evokes Sights, Sound and Grime of 1970s New York”
by Neda Ulaby

“Will Americans Buy Bug Snacks? Maybe…If They’re Funny And Cute”
by Luke Runyon

“Attention Design Nerds: The creation story of ReadMatter’s logo”
by Erich Nagler

“What Do Philosophers Do?”
by Rebecca Rosen

“Rosetta Spacecraft Arrives At Comet After 10-Year Chase”
by Geoff Brumfiel

“Cracking The Girl Code: How to End the Tech Gender Gap”
by Eliana Dockterman

“Why Do Band Photos Look Like That, Anyway?”
by Stephen Thompson

“21 Black Women in Tech to Know”
by Kimberly Foster

“Everyone Goes To The Store To Get Milk. Why’s It Way In The Back?”
by David Kestenbaum

“Female Bricklayer Defied Doubters To Build Baltimore Landmarks”
by StoryCorps

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