July 2, 2014

Patronage Package 6 of Duly Discovered


Graphic identity by Eddie Opara, Pentagram, for Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum

“Giant Red Arrow” logo by Sole Lander


Directed by Steve James, Produced by Kartemquin:
Documentary “Life Itself” about Roger Ebert


Father’s Day Cartoons by Cartoonists for New Yorker magazine

In Memoriam

“Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars.”
Casey Kasem, DJ and Radio Personality, passed away at 82

#663399Becca with love and compassion to Eric A. Meyer and Family

Ruby Dee, who acted with “graceful intensity on screen and stage,” passed away at 91

Chester Nez, who co-invented unbreakable Navajo Code that helped win World War II, passed away at 93


“So Now What” by The Shins for Zach Braff’s film “Wish I Was Here”

“Noise” by Boris

“Band of Brothers” by Willie Nelson


Original radio news script on June 6, 1944, read by Actor Benedict Cumberbatch


“We Said ‘No Car Pictures’”
by Kainaz Amaria and David Gilkey

“D-day landings scenes in 1944 and now”
by Peter Macdiarmid

“Fatherhood and Folklore: Behind Scott Alario’s Photographic Fables”
by Krystal Grow


“Frida” t-shirt illustrated by Judy Kaufmann

Kickstarter Project: “Cartegram” adventure game by Len Kendall

Kickstarter Project: SketchyNotebook by Tim Tu

Amazon Fire Phone

Lap Desk designed by Rodolfo Lozano


Object Lessons—“hidden lives of ordinary things”—by The Atlantic and Bloomsbury Literary Studies

Wolftree Magazine “shares the stories of makers, dreamers, and adventurers living intentionally”

Kickstarter Project: “The Ghost of My Father” by Scott Berkun


The Sugar Beet Co-op


“Children more open-minded than adults in figuring out gadgets”
by Michelle Trudeau

“How to Get your Hustle Straight and your Commitments Sorted”
by Margot Harrington

“For VidCon, A Chance To See YouTube Celebrities Off The Screen”
by Corey Takahashi

“Highs in the Mideighties:Recalling the heyday of Prince and Madonna on the thirtieth anniversary of ‘Purple Rain’”
by Bob Stanley

“Startups in Africa”
by MeganRose Dickey

“George Lucas Museum Coming To Chicago”
by CBS News

“To Boost Attendance, Milwaukee Schools Revive Art, Music and Gym”
by Erin Toner

“Scientists Keep A Careful Eye On The World Cup Ball”
by Geoff Brumfiel

“D.C. Real Estate Agent Attracts Buyers With His Prose”
by Tom Faison

“A Rhythm That Has Waltzed Away With Hearts”
by Anastasia Tsioulcas

“Eccentric Heiress's Untouched Treasures Head For The Auction Block”
by Margot Adler

“The Human Heart and Its Rhythmic Magnificence”
by Neda Ulaby

“Your Chicago: Muralist Jeff Zimmermann”
by Kate Sullivan

“‘How To Train Your Dragon’ Sound Designer Explains The Movie’s Roars, Voices, and Special Effects”
by Scott Simon

Jason Curry (who is deaf) talks to Jason Fried (who doesn’t know sign language)

“College For Free: Tulsa’s Radical Idea”
by Cory Turner and Claudio Sanchez

“iPads Allow Kids With Challenges To Play In High School’s Band”
by Eric Westervelt

“93-Yr-Old WWII Vet Recreates D-Day Jump He Made 70 Yrs Ago”
by Liz Klimas

“70 Years On, A Normandy Village Honors Aging WWII Veterans”
by Eleanor Beardsley

“As Myanmar Modernizes, Architectural Gems Endangered”
by Frank Langfitt

“Bob Mould’s Beautiful, Ruinous Life in Punk”
by David Greene

“91-Year-Old Woman Breaks Marathon Record”
by Alan Greenblatt

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