June 3, 2014

Patronage Package 5 of Duly Discovered


“Chemist Turns Software Developer after Son’s Cancer Diagnosis”
by Joe Palca

“Storm Shelter App Helps Pinpoint People Amid Tornado’s Rubble”
by Rachel Hubbard

300+ Commencement Speeches, going back to 1774,
selected by National Public Radio’s Education Team

“Glass” by Zach Seward and Quartz
Discovered via National Public Radio

“This App May Help Prevent Blindness in the Developing World”
by James Temple of Recode
Discovered via @VSAPartners


“The Boy in His Winter” by Norman Lock
Discovered via National Public Radio

“The Customer Support Handbook” by Sarah Hatter

“Paris: Made by Hand” by Pia Jane Bijkerk

“The Digital Mystique” by Sarah Granger

“Crafty Superstar: Ultimate Craft Business Guide” by Grace Dobush


Fonts by Illustrator and Calligrapher Molly Jacques

“Who Made That?” weekly column by Hilary Greenbaum for New York Times Magazine

Environmental graphic design by Hannah Rebernick for Family Rooms of Columbia College Chicago

“Letters From Abroad” by Tobias Frere-Jones

Restored SC Johnson Research Tower designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in Racine, Wisconsin

“Le Corbusier: Elements of the Architectural Promenade”
by Rachel Flores


“Life Itself” about Film Critic Roger Ebert
Discovered via Daring Fireball

“American Made Movie”
Discovered via @MakersRow

“Born With Curiosity, a film about Computer Pioneer, Grace Hopper”
Discovered via @yoonunit

“The Empowerment Project: Ordinary Women Doing Extraordinary Things”
Discovered via WTTW

Film reel by Ben Derico, featured by CreativeMornings


Illustration and Comics by Emily Carroll
Discovered via @Liska_B

“We’re after the same rainbow’s end…” Designer Kitt Santos’ drawing

In Memoriam

“Massimo Vignelli: A Master in the Grammar of Design”
by Julie Lansky

“…one theme remained constant: humanity’s relationship with nature…” – Wildlife Advocate and Author Farley Mowat passed away

“He made a museum out of the empty building.” – Physicist Alan J. Friedman, who revived New York Hall of Science, passed away
Discovered via @neiltyson


We Need Diverse Books
Discovered via National Public Radio

Book Traces
Discovered via Alexis Madrigal@zseward

Global Soundscapes
Discovered via @amycep

Camp Firebelly




Soundtrack montage of Composer Daniel Suett, winner of Bleeding Fingers Competition, judged by Hans Zimmer

“…the show is fun and sexy and hilarious—then it slowly goes dark…” Alan Cumming in musical “Cabaret”

Album “Upside Down Mountain” by Conor Oberst


Yonder Journal
Discovered via @lucyengelman

“Mark Dorf’s Photographic Dreamscapes” by Sara Distin

“Summer Portrait Series” by Anjali M. Pinto


Cargo Works’ 11” MacBook Air + iPad Sleeve and Une Bobine’s charge/sync/stand/dock/cable for iPhone
Discovered via @minimalmac

“Emotional Baggage” by The School of Life
Discovered via @roemcdermott


Snacks Quarterly, for “a purposeful snack-based lifestyle”
Discovered via @VSAPartners

The Cramped, “The Unique Pleasures of Analog Writing”


“Big Bang’s Ripples: Two Scientists Recall Their Big Discovery”
by Geoff Brumfiel

“Road Trip: Yakima Valley, Washington”
by Freda Moon

“How Do You Wring Sound from Sculpture? It Takes a ‘Quiet Pride’”
by Allison Keyes

“Unruly Children Of Earth: Grow Up”
by Marcelo Gleiser

“How to Speak Teen”
by National Public Radio, Weekend Edition

“‘The Cunning Little Vixen’ Pokes Her Head Into An Animated Forest”
by David Barnett

“Email is for Setting Expectations”
by Elizabeth Grace Saunders
Discovered via @almahoffmann

“James Dyson is Designing a Giant Vacuum-on-a-Boat to Clean Ocean Trash” by Ben Schiller
Discovered via @good

“The First Book Printed in Italy”
by I Love Typography

“Missed Connections for A-Holes”
by Ethan Kuperberg
Discovered via @iA

“Rethink Using the Word ‘Unique’ to Describe Your Business”
by Melissa Hall

“What we learned self-publishing our first book”
by Sarah Hatter

“In San Francisco, Brain Surgeons Explore Their Practice Through Art”
by April Dembosky
Discovered via National Public Radio

“The Perfect Essay”
by John Kaag
Discovered via @fsgbooks

“Well into Spring, ‘Frozen’ Soundtrack Keeps the Charts Cool”
by Jeff Lunden

“Dancers Find a Second Act at Palm Springs Follies”
by Ina Jaffe

“Creating the ship of the imagination”
from Production Diaries of TV show “Cosmos: A Space Time Odyssey”

“Essaying Through Life”
by Martin Connelly

“50 Years of BASIC”
by Joe Palca

“Content: The Silent Project Killer”
by Cassandra Hoo
Discovered via @nicoleross215

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