April 7, 2014

Why you want to write

Write icon designed by Joshua Hutchins from The Noun Project collection

You write because you want to.

There is something satisfactory about putting words together to form thoughts into sentences that turn into statements, which, in turn, become passages.

There is something profound about witnessing characters come together to form a composition.

There is something challenging about doing something whose primary objective is to make you struggle with every pause and press.

There is something rhythmic about making sentences, one after another, and discovering an arc along the way.

There is something therapeutic about feeling your way through words toward a destination whose world is being composed with one word at a time.

There is something personal about a mass of words made by you for you, toward, at first, an audience of one.

There is something powerful about dictating the length of a line of thought.

There is something satisfying about finishing a written work, which, like truth, has versions.

There is something accomplished about writing and having at it again.

There is something compelling about an activity that only exists with your input, like a rocket that must consume massive amounts of fuel for liftoff.

There is something thrilling about writing to disobey gravity.

• • •

This post was originally published on April 3, 2013, at Acme Pride, a discontinued blog of mine that was primarily dedicated to the making of my recent book “BROKEN: Navigating the Ups and Downs of the Circus called Work.”

Topics related to self-publishing “BROKEN” and reflections about writing are striven to be a part of this blog’s focus.

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