January 28, 2014

BROKEN, the book, is now available!

Dedicated to hard workers everywhere

BROKEN: Navigating the Ups and Downs of the Circus Called Work—my new book co-written with Stephanie Di Biase—is now available to download.

The rough idea for this book was written down on June 30, 2010. One of the first things written, to help start thinking about this book, was: Controlled Chaos. Sounds like an oxymoron. It was my feeling at the time and is a constant, albeit one way to look at work. It’s a residual perception and reality.

I wanted to make a book to help everyone deal well, even better, with the challenges of work, and these are not new challenges. They are recurring ones, like ineffective communication, workplaces with unhealthy cultural climates, the irritable actions of co-workers, and tough clients. BROKEN has ways to take on these challenges and others.

No doubt, work is a huge part of life. BROKEN was written for the person, working hard, and who desires to work on aspects of how she or he works and try to practice being better: better at communicating, better at treating co-workers, better at contributing to a good-work environment—better at working well. BROKEN is part guide, part therapist, and all-parts steadfast partner focused on making your work circumstances as productive and meaningful as possible.

Dedicated to hard workers everywhere, BROKEN is filled with practical methods and sharp stories. It also displays wonderful illustrations drawn by Lucy Engelman. It was absolutely fun writing this book with my collaborator Stephanie Di Biase, and a lot of effort went into making it for you.

Help with the book launch of BROKEN

Get your copy! As a PDF, eBook, or both.

I would also greatly appreciate your help in letting people know about BROKEN. Here are a few easy ways for you to spread the word:
  1. Email your friends, colleagues, coworkers about the book.
  2. Post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and your other social-media networks with this link: http://www.designfeast.com/broken-the-book/
  3. Repeatedly mention and share throughout the day and week can only help.
When finished with reading BROKEN, I welcome your review. Please send to me.

More BROKEN-related posts in the works

I hope to share more about how the book was created and get nerdy about the intensive process of writing and self-publishing. In the meantime, here were previous blog articles leading up to BROKEN’s launch:
Thank you for your interest and consideration, 
and here’s to working better!

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