October 24, 2011

Download “Don’t settle”

Since seeing Apple’s “Think different” commercial when it aired during the late 1990s, I was hooked. At about a minute’s length, it’s one of the very few ads I enjoy, or even remember. I make it a point to view it from time to time for a spike of motivation (to exceed more than a minute). Nowadays, I watch the version narrated by Steve Jobs. I like quotations a lot, and thought about gathering and presenting a select few from the iconic thinkers-and-doers appearing in the commercial. Here are some sample pages (title above), with personal drawings:

Called “Don’t settle”—from Job’s Stanford Commencement Speech, this is a handy and lean collection of inspirational quotes from 20th-century makers who starred in Apple’s “Think Different” advertising campaign.

Download with a tweet the free 20-page print-optimized PDF
(Compressed 3.8MB) of “Don’t settle”

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