September 29, 2011

Interface Details: Roy Denim’s Philosophy, Mason Jar Music’s Icons, Apple’s Info-Graphics

A piece in the New Gentleman’s Journal, Grain & Gram, led me to discover Roy Slaper, a skateboarder turned jean maker. His studio (described mostly through beautiful photographs, no text) showcases the tools of his craft for making denim, and denim alone. This singularity of purpose is evident in his philosophy, which can be construed in one of two ways: ‘there can only be one approach (namely, high-quality brand of jeans made to fit well)’, or ‘there is one approach and it’s for me to know and you to find out (that is, to be determined)’. Either way, Slaper knows that his product is one of a kind. While other online examples about philosophy or related topics consist of paragraphs, Slaper’s Philosophy is summed up in a single sentence:

Discovered via National Public Radio’s article “Turning Abandoned Buildings Into Recording Studios” were icons, identifying the varied services of audio/visual production company and creative collective Mason Jar Music. Each icon visualizes their respective service in an effective way and possesses a welcomed vintage finish:

Apple is known for their pristine presentation of information online. Their section about their “environmental impact” shares the attention to layout with a handsome array of info-graphics, such as one showing “Reduction in Packaging”: