May 22, 2011

Photographer Petra Bindel’s Constant Pursuit of People and Pictures

The camera functions as an organic extension of self to photographer Petra Bindel:
“After more than 13 years of living and working as a photographer, the camera has almost become an extended part of my body, like an extra limb, and my eyes work constantly. Still every new challenge fills me with excitement and fear.

I don’t think there is anything more fulfilling than to work with talented people. It’s inspiring and the feeling of creating something together drives me forward and makes me want to do more.

I still feel like I’m in the beginning of something new and something big. There are so many beautiful pictures waiting to come my way.”
Beyond the importance of good tools, Bindel’s emphasizes working with “talented people.” It must not be ignored: good people help others do good work. Of course, “good” is whatever you believe it to be—the school of attitude that appeals to you.

Bindel claims that working with such people is a source of inspiration that begets inspiration. Collaborating with others and other disciplines—including clients—with the goal of creating satisfying work and realizing the goodness of that experience…that’s not BS. Thanks go to Bindel for the reminder of the rewards had from seeking out and sticking with good, talented people.

• • •

This is a piece in a series focused on collecting and pointing to “effortless” expressions, created by designers describing themselves. In these pieces, designers reveal something about their attitude toward work—whatever their discipline may be—one “About Me” at a time. In case you missed the previous release, read about Love and War’s Turn from Dissatisfaction.