August 3, 2010

Designer’s Quest(ionnaire): Designer and Illustrator Wendy Marchbanks

Wendy Marchbanks’ work celebrates “childhood imagination.” It was from her poster “Balance” for art and charity initiative The Working Proof that I first discovered Marchbanks and her Illustrative wallpapers, Fabrics and Ceramics. In her interview about this poster, she explained her process: “I love sifting through the strange assortment of objects and books, looking for something unusual to spark off an idea.” Clearly, Marchbanks cherishes nostalgia, reminiscing—childhood. Read her delightful and insightful take on design and designing.


The Designer’s Quest(ionnaire) is a Design Feast initiative that describes and captures a designer’s perspective in a succinct format. Read the previous Designer’s Quest(ionnaire) with Web Designers Elizabeth Joy Gershenzon and Travis Kochel of Scribble Tone.