May 24, 2009

The Family that Crafts Together, Sticks Together: e.m. papers

When designer Eleanor Reagh met artist and fellow designer Molly Parks, a creative partnership was born. Re-launched after a 10-year hiatus as e.m. papers, the duo designs and produces a delightful line of printed products, ranging from greeting cards to calendars. Their Happiness Bookmarks (below) offer motivational tips on boosting one’s quality of life, in addition to saving the last spot of reading.

But Eleanor and Molly are not the only ones partaking in crafting paper-based goods. As mentioned on their site, Eleanor’s father Pat and her Aunt Elizabeth are also involved in the business. Pat is a letterpress printer based in California; Elizabeth is an artist and designer based in New York. Did I share that Eleanor lives and works in Germany? Though a small operation, it’s global. Most of all, it’s a family affair.

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