December 18, 2008

Rosenfeld Media’s Lean and Supreme Book Cover Design

Last year’s IIT Institute of Design’s Design Research Conference offered one central highlight for me: the presentation by information architecture consultant Louis Rosenfeld, who spoke about his vision of a new publishing model. Rosenfeld Media is growing into a formidable publisher of user-experience design material, focused on practicality for design practitioners. His rigorous authoring process encapsulates best practices across the professional design world.

The Readerville Journal released their Most Coveted Covers. Designed by The Heads of State design studio members Jason Kernevich and Dustin Summers, the direction of Rosenfeld Media’s book covers should have been on their list and the lists of others. Here are the inviting faces of the two first publications:

Image by Jacob Bøtter, Flickr

Image by Tim Van Damme, Flickr

More atypical book cover designs in the Rosenfeld Media vein can be viewed at The Heads of State’s site. Enjoy their typographic restraint!