August 15, 2008

From Paper to Compass: Opening of the Summer Games in Beijing

The 2008 Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony was an impressive demonstration of site-specific installation art and giving unique expression to highlights of Chinese invention and history. With color-charged works such as Hero and House of Flying Daggers, filmmaker Zhang Yimou’s large-scale injection of color amidst the costumes, lighting, graphics and sets was apparent, culminating into a grand passage illustrating China’s past (paper) to the future (compass). The coordinated gestures of the thousands of performers were equally colorful. The opening ceremony—with all its visual cues, architecture and details—was a fluid interface.

The Boston Globe captured a stunning set of images of the event.

Update, August 17, 2008: LifeDev shares 7 Lessons from the Innovative 2008 Opening Ceremony Director.