February 22, 2021

Design Feast’s Makers Series—110th Interview: Sawako Puts Confidence and Style Back on the Road with her Beautifully Protective Helmets

Cycling is one of many outdoor activities highly desired to further adopt and surely pick up in the anticipated post-pandemic era. Sawako Furuno is both an enthusiast and entrepreneur in bike-helmet culture, who founded aptly named Sawako to provide protective-head gear that also makes a wonderfully stylish fashion-statement. Here, she shares more about her helmet company—especially her excitement for the thrills of living and biking.

1. While as an architect, you arrived at the idea of Sawako. How did you envision your idea?

I used to cycle to work every day for 30–40 minutes in London. In movies, architects drive fancy cars, but in reality, we are not that well-paid (well, at least in the UK), and as designers, we want to lead a sustainable life whenever possible, so cycling was a big thing in my office. We were young, well-dressed designers, but most of us were wearing super-sporty, unattractive helmets. Refused to wear them for a while! But after a scary collision, I had to do something to bring back my confidence on the road.

2. How does architecture fit into your work? How does it influence your work?

I see myself as a “designer.” This includes architecture, products, interior design, lifestyle … so I see whatever I do as an extension of my design work. My architecture background often inspires me to find a reason for anything to exist. Even if it’s just to look beautiful, everything is here for a reason—including us.

3. How did you specifically hone in on making helmets for cyclists?

Because no one else was making beautiful bike helmets—especially for women. I wanted to remove the stigma of women feeling out of place in the cycling world. The cycling world has come very far in terms of gender inclusion since I started this business more than 10 years ago, which is fab.

4. What were some of the first things you did in taking Sawako from an idea to making a living?

Checking safety standards! Function meets fashion is what Sawako is all about. 

Then I started making a …

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