September 25, 2016

Life, Work, Tools: Web Designer & Developer Megan Coleman’s Reliance on Evernote

What is your tool—the one that helps you 
do the things you do?

As a constantly on-the-go designer, mother and homemaker, Evernote is the tool I use most frequently in my work and home life.

How has this tool helped you?

As a business owner, Evernote allows me to easily keep and organize notes such as: marketing tasks, referrals, business goals, estimates and processes. As a mother and homemaker, I keep extensive daily and long-term to-do lists, meal planning tips, grocery lists and reference sheets for trip planning and household tasks.

The software is easy-to-use, searchable, free, easy to share with others, and above all, accessible anywhere I go—whether it be on my computer, tablet or phone.

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Images courtesy of Megan Coleman.

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