September 1, 2016

Anticipation for Cusp 2016

Launched in 2008 by design firm Multiple, the Cusp Conference is an annual gathering of the curious—people from many disciplines, with an appetite for creativity, imagination and divergent thinking. Cusp is dedicated to feeding these qualities in their attendees by inspiring success, resulting in better products, service, environments and especially relationships.

The creative, imaginative and divergent character of Cusp (for short) is evident foremost in its lineup of speakers, who represent the wide variety of careers (some never heard of) and, at the same time, the wide scope of issues (some totally wicked).

Browsing the presenters for Cusp Conference 2016, you’ll find a librarian, a physician, a dancer, an architectural restorer, a cancer fighter, a doctor of neural science and psychology…as evident, eclecticism. Cusp offers two full days of it. I recognized two speakers: Sandee Kastrul and Matthew Hoffmann. Sandee transforms low-income adults into skilled technology workers through her intensive workforce development and leadership training program. She participated in my Makers series of interviews. Matthew transforms spaces into moments of goodwill through his public art, particularly his grassroots-generated “You Are Beautiful” campaign. Read my write-up about his talk at the 28th monthly gathering of the Chicago chapter of CreativeMornings. Sandy and Matthew will share the stage with a portfolio of speakers, like-minded in their drive to make ideas happen.

Cusp’s audience comes to be motivated, challenged in their thinking, have their curiosity fed and, perhaps, extended to apply to the next creative effort, whatever the scale, whether in the workplace or elsewhere.

For the past three years, I’ve proudly covered Cusp with write-ups (2015, 2014, 2013) and photos (2015, 2014, 2013). This September, I’ve been offered the great opportunity to provide again coverage on a unique event—presenting extraordinary human beings sharing their enthusiasm for a livelihood they’ve carved with distinction. A positively different range of perspectives await at the ninth Cusp Conference.

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