May 31, 2015

Patronage Package 17 of Duly Discovered


“Innovative Hiring to Attract New Talent”
by Abby Cheesman

“Are You Frustrated About Frustration?”
by Richard Metheny


“Celles et Ceux des Cimes et Cieux” by Gwenn Germain

“A Visceral, Inventive Blockbuster Roars to Life
in ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’”

by Chris Klimek

“The Women Pull No Punches In Fiery, Feminist ‘Mad Max’”
by Mandalit del Barco

In Memoriam

“B.B. King, Legendary Blues Guitarist, Dies at 89”
by Tom Cole


“For Jack DeJohnette, A Chicago Homecoming
Brought A Reunion With Old Friends”

by Howard Mandel

“At 70, Keith Jarrett Is Learning How to Bottle Inspiration”
by Rachel Martin


“Self-published photo books go from last resorts to museum treasures”
by Alina Simone

“It’s Not Rude: These Portraits of Wounded Vets
Are Meant to Be Stared At”

by Elizabeth Blair

“Photos Capture The Joy on Playgrounds around The World”
by Linda Poon

“A Landscape of Abundance Becomes A Landscape of Scarcity”
by Matt Black


“Here’s what a map of the world sounds like”
by Sam Harnett

“A delightful collection of ‘Do not disturb’ signs
from all over the world”

by Eric Molinsky

“Science isn’t just ‘boys with toys,’ and these ‘girls’ can prove it”
by The Takeaway

“How to Design An Office for Maximizing Employee Happiness”
by Lydia Dishman

“Haier Launches Urban Kitchen Solutions at Dwell on Design LA”
by Haier

“Grandpa The Gardener Helped Nurture Seedling Grandson”
by Story Corps

“The Technology of Books Has Changed,
but Bookstores are Hanging In”

by Eric Weiner

“Don’t Write Off Paper Just Yet”
by Eric Weiner

“Do Touch The Artwork at Prado’s Exhibit for The Blind”
by Lauren Frayer

“On the Apple Watch Interaction Model and the Digital Crown”
by John Gruber

“What Studying Students Teaches Us about Great Apps”
by Noah Lichtenstein

“For Two World War II Vets, Friendship Endures More Than 70 Years”
by Jim Williams

“How A Bigger Lunch Table At Work Can Boost Productivity”
by Yuki Noguchi

“Biology Professor’s Calling: Teach Deaf Students
They Can Do Anything”

by Claudio Sanchez

“Deaf Jam: Experiencing Music through A Cochlear Implant”
by Jon Hamilton

“What It Takes to Lift Families Out of Poverty”
by Michaeleen Doucleff

“What’s Driving The Motor City Forward Now?”
by Michel Martin

“Documentary Spotlights Perfectly Accessorized Iris Apfel”
by Ina Jaffe

“A Long Way from Wax Cylinders, Library of Congress
Slowly Joins The Digital Age”

by Brian Naylor

“Montana Offers A Boost to Native Language Immersion Programs”
by Amy Martin

“Whiskey Island”
by Steve Kroft and Bob Simon

“At 81, The Man Behind Big Bird Sees ‘No Reason to Quit’”
by Scott Simon

“Getting To Know The Real Story Was Key
to Broadway’s ’King And I’ Revival”

by Jeff Lunden

“Watch Elon Musk announce Tesla Energy
in the best tech keynote I’ve ever seen”

by T.C. Sottek

“Is It An ‘Uprising’ or A ‘Riot’? Depends on Who’s Watching”
by Karen Grigsby Bates


“The Light Phone” by Joe Hollier and Kaiwei Tang


“My First Time” by The Paris Review

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