April 7, 2015

Patronage Package 15 of Duly Discovered


“Human-Centered Hiring in a World of Automation”
by Abby Neilson

“The Benefits of No-Tech Note Taking”
by Carol E. Holstead

“How to Kick-Start Your Content Marketing Strategy”
by Sarah Whitman

“Stop Wasting Your Employees’ Time”
by Jennifer J. Deal


“The Steve Jobs You Didn’t Know: Kind, Patient, and Human” 
by Rick Tetlezi and Brent Schlender

“A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to School: A Charming Catalog of Excuses and An Allegory for How Human Imagination Works”
by Maria Popova

“25 Unconventional Business Books that You Won’t See
on Most Bookshelves (But Should)”

by Gregory Ciotti

In Memoriam

“Rev. Willie T. Barrow, Activist and Civil Rights Icon, dies at 90”
by Lolly Bowean

“Michael Graves, 80, Dies;
Postmodernist Designed Towers and Teakettles”

by Robin Pogrebin


“I’m Ready” by Geographer

“Room” by Lizza Anne

“Lake Charlevoix” by Dana Falconberry

“Feels Like a Wheel” by Death Grips


“Dollrs To Donuts” by Steve Portigal


“NASA to Study A Twin in Space and His Brother on Earth”
by Nell Greenfieldboyce

“Modern Love in China: Shaking Your Smartphone
to Find Your Soul Mate”

by Frank Langfitt

“‘Looks Like Laury’ Shines The Power of Friendship
on A Failing Mind”

by Deborah Franklin

“25 Years After Art Heist, Empty Frames Still Hang
in Boston’s Gardner Museum” 

by Renee Montagne

“SXSW Debuts Robot Petting Zoo for A Personal Peek into The Future”
by Laura Sydell

“With Sunny, Modern Homes, Joseph Eichler
Built The Suburbs in Style”

by Susan Stamberg

“A Man’s Incomplete Brain Reveals Cerebellum’s Role
in Thought and Emotion”

by Jon Hamilton

“From Afghanistan’s Rubble, A Teacher Builds A School of Ideas”
by Philip Reeves

“6 Ways to Make Learning Visible”
by Angela Stockman

“In L.A., Now You Can Use City Land for A Free Vegetable Garden”
by Adele Peters

“Seven Decades On, Anne Frank’s Words Still Comfort”
by Scott Simon

“The Family Peach Farm that Became a Symbol
of The Food Revolution”

by Dan Charles

“Behold! The Cosmos Created from The Contents of A Kitchen”
by Poncie Rutsch

“Silicon Prairie: Tech Startups Find
a Welcoming Home in the Midwest” 

by David Schaper

“The one quality all successful leaders need”
by Amy Errett

“Why China’s Pollution Could Be Behind Our Cold, Snowy Winters”
by Michaeleen Doucleff

“The Unique Challenges of Being
a Middle-Aged Woman Entrepreneur”

by Vivian Giang

“Minecraft Creator Gives Autistic Child A Voice”
by Keith Stuart

“Grace Hopper, ‘The Queen of Code,’ Would Have Hated that Title”
by Arun Rath

“NASA Probe Reaches Orbit Around Dwarf Planet”
by Geoff Brumfiel

“10 Years Later, A Pair of Strangers Revisit A Leap Not Taken”
by Story Corps

“‘Grand Bargain’ in Workers’ Comp Unravels,
Harming Injured Workers Further”

by Howard Berkes

“Liberia’s President: Ebola Re-Energized Her Downtrodden Country”
by David Greene


“Wired video abuses ultra-protective iPhone cases,
two withstand slams, one even survives falling safe”

by Jeremy Horwitz

The Business Model Canvas
by Strategyzer

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