October 1, 2014

Patronage Package 9 of Duly Discovered





“How We Got to Now: Six Innovations That Made the Modern World”
by Steve Johnson

“Size-specific adjustments to type designs: An investigation of the principles guiding the design of optical sizes”
by Shoko Mugikura and Tim Ahrens

“My Grandfather’s Gallery: A Family Memoir of Art and War”
by Anne Sinclair

“Learning Responsive Web Design” 
by Clarissa Peterson

by Ballerina Misty Copeland

“Book Typography: A Designer’s Manual”
published by Libanus Press


Rings and Earrings by Hikaru Furuhashi


Harmony Project

Sewing Classes by Amy Alan

Girl Develop It


“Into the Flatland” by Kathleen Robbins


Lynda Barry, pioneering Cartoonist, by Summer Pierre

Sketches by April Soetarman

“Letterpress Llama” by Katie Gavenda

Watercolour bicycle by Serena Olivieri

Charleston, South Carolina by Kristen Solecki


Soundtrack by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross for “Gone Girl”

“Rips” by Ex Hex

“Become Ocean” by John Luther Adams

“Down Where The Spirit Meets The Bone” by Lucinda Williams

“Sukierae” by Jeff Tweedy, of Wilco, and his son, Spencer

Nile Project


“Bread” by Joerg Metzner

“Faint Light” and “A new chapter” by Emily Van Ness


ADX, Portland, Oregon

Science House, New York City


“A Doctor Unlocks Mysteries of the Brain By Talking and Watching”
by Jon Hamilton

“A Man Who Knew The Value Of The Human Voice”
by Scott Simon

“Never Truly Over: Discussing Deployment A Challenge Of Its Own”
by StoryCorps

“Rethinking The Relationship Between Civilization And Nature”
by Audie Cornish

“Media Group Evolves from Covering Vice to War Zones”
by Steve Inskeep

“iPhone 6 Plus vs. Samsung Galaxy S5”
by The Onion

“Be stubborn”
by Sarah Selecky

“Carl Newman And Neko Case On What Makes a Pop Song Work”
by NPR Music

“Best To Not Sweat The Small Stuff, Because It Could Kill You”
by Patti Neighmond

“Becoming a Writer: But not looking for my dream job”
by Alissa Walker

“Minecraft’s Business Model: A Video Game That Leaves You Alone”
by Stephen Henn

“Kate Bush Sells Out 22 Shows In Less Than 15 Minutes”
by Christopher Werth

“At 60 Tons, This Dinosaur Feared Nothing”
by Lynn Neary

“Deborah Rutter Becomes Kennedy Center’s First Female President”
by Susan Stamberg

“Our Use Of Little Words Can, Uh, Reveal Hidden Interests”
by Alix Spiegel

“These 5 Crops Are Still Hand-Harvested, And It’s Hard Work”
by Eliza Barclay

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