January 23, 2014

The Copywriting of Coworking

Coworking space 8on7 in Chicago. View more photos.

An interesting niche, when it comes to copywriting, is regarding coworking—how the shared work environment can be described. For instance, I found the writing on Smokestack Cowork’s website to be particularly memorable.
“A place for people to work and study. BUILT for independent workers, small business owners and creative types. We have fast internet, good coffee, and a nice place to create awesome things with other awesome people.”
It’s memorable because it’s plainly written—not in a boring way, but a straightforward way.

Writing is challenging in itself, especially when it’s promoting something. Writing that’s grounded is always appealing to me. How Smokestack Cowork presents itself through writing is inviting. It’s the quality of their writing that helps itself to be more easily understood and more welcoming, without trying too hard. In Smokestack Cowork’s case, the writing helps me see myself in their space.