May 1, 2013

What Designer Jen Marquez Learned at Moxie Conference 2013 in Chicago

Jen Marquez is a graphic designer, currently based in Chicago. In addition to attending Chicago CreativeMornings, she went to experience MoxieCon (identity and program design below), a day-long series of “practical talks and workshops on the business side of design and technology” founded by all-female collaborative Quite Strong.

The second annual gathering took place at coworking and startup space 1871 (below), located within the Merchandise Mart, a commercial center in Chicago’s downtown area.

Piccadilly notebook and Pilot Vball pen


We had a spirited conversation, done via a live chat session, about her experience of MoxieCon. A few insights related by Jen:

Relentlessly pursue your vision of work
“One of the thoughts that resonated most with me was something designer and artist Elle Luna said during her talk, ‘You can do the job you can, or you can do the job you must.’”

Criticize to teach
“Magazine journalist Ann Friedman spoke about people who are giving rational, thoughtful critique, and those who exist simply to demean your work without providing any positive purpose.”

Risks are unavoidable
Rob Loukotka, a designer, artist, and illustrator, talked about challenging yourself if what you’re doing now is your dream job, and taking the risks to get there.”

Full Interview

Download the transcript (compressed PDF) to read more of our live chat session.

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Photos courtesy of Jen Marquez.

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