March 13, 2013

Enthusiasm Made Real: Swissmiss’ Keynote at South by Southwest 2013

To put a spin on Tina Roth Eisenberg’s invention of CreativeMornings, her 2pm CST Keynote address at the SXSW Interactive festival was a CreativeAfternoon, which consisted of an amazing collective wave from stage left to stage right where Tina stood (above).

By her tenacious examples of creativity, Tina reminded everyone to relentlessly pursue their dreams. Swissmiss emphasized:

Enthusiasm is essentially a feeling. Tina’s take on enthusiasm, evidenced by her shared personal stories, is about uncovering desires and committing to them in a way that ultimately defines one’s life. This is enthusiasm as perseverance. Being honest to yourself. For satisfaction to be long-standing, enthusiasm, by Tina’s efforts, provokes people to steer and stay the path toward that preferred version of their livelihood—all the worthwhile to reach.

Money was the February 2013 global theme of CreativeMornings. Tina chooses gathering experiences over money, every time. Experience the experience and repeat. Cumulative experience brings greater dimension, and is something that the one-note nature of money can’t capture. In his book Anything You Want, self-starter and author Derek Sivers said it plainly, “Business is not about money. It’s about making dreams come true for others and for yourself.”

Tina’s coworking space, Studiomates, harnesses the iterative power of likemindedness. Browsing its website, one gleans a diverse group of people, representing a diverse range of creative disciplines and projects—all wrapped with the shared attitude of making great things. Likemindedness naturally sparks camaraderie in a space intended to nurture collaboration. Likemindedness likewise induced positive by-products, such as Dropmark, Brooklyn Beta, and Editorially, among many others. The common connection across them is Studiomates. Likemindedness is the foundation for realizing, as Tina encouraged, “real connections.”

• • •

Big thanks to SXSW Interactive and Oracle for live-streaming Swissmiss’ Keynote. It allowed me to participate in the wave, virtually, and take notes.

• • •

This was my first piece and entry into using Draft, a writing and collaborative app created by Nathan Kontny. I’m having a great experience using it because it allows me to see my thoughts, one sentence after another, with true ease. Looking forward to using Editorially.

• • •

Typeface of quotes is called Massive designed by Chicago-based Shawn Hazen, who also makes wonderfully bold typographic illustrations for Design Feast series Creative Roles.

Photos by Nate Burgos