March 11, 2013

Blogger’s Quest(ionnaire): Amy Marquez’s Attention to The In-House Designer

Amy Marquez is a senior user experience designer in San Antonio, Texas. Through her blog, she champions the in-house designer. She can be found on Twitter: @amymarquez.

Why did you create a Website of regular entries?
I feel like the in-house (corporate) design teams are a really under-represented population within user experience design. One way to become more visible is to put your thoughts out there, both on a blog and in articles for professional publications. It felt like it was just time for me to start speaking up.

What Web-based solution did you select and why?
I chose WordPress. I’ve had prior experience with it and am comfortable with PHP, so modifying templates is easy.

What is your definition of a good blog
and what are three good blogs that you frequently visit?
A good blog covers timely topics and offers wisdom in a relatively short (1000 words or less) format. It’s one that’s open to conversation and is willing to listen to and consider differing points of view. The three blogs I most frequently visit are A List Apart, Brainsparks and Luke Wroblewski’s blog.

How do you create content for your blog?
I work in a very stream-of-consciousness sort of way. If I see something that inspires or infuriates me or strikes me as a topic work discussing, I write about it.

How do you stay organized and motivated
to contribute to your blog?
I keep a lot of notes. I have reminders and notes on my phone. Since they all sync up with my other devices, I have access to them at all times. I also keep some Stickies on my iMac to remind me of what topics are in my queue. I’m motivated to contribute because I really enjoy it. And I’m getting great feedback on my posts.

For those aspiring to make a Website composed
of regular thoughts and/or images, what is your advice?
Have a defined focus. It’s o.k. to stray from it once in a while, but know the primary focus of your blog. Read other blogs in your field, and keep up with the daily news on your subject. Understand what others are talking about. If you have something to contribute to the conversation that’s more than a tweet can handle, write it in your blog.

What is your quest in blogging?
I want to share my ideas on what’s going on in the world of UX design, and I want people to comment and give me feedback. I like it when I have an opposing opinion in the comments. It forces me to step back from my own position and really think through where the other person is coming from. And I really want people to understand that in-house designers are out there and are contributing to the greater UX community.

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Photo courtesy of Amy Marquez.

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