August 8, 2012

Interface Details: Feature Creep’s Kick-Ass Statement, Atto Partners’s Lists, Happy Cog’s Gratitude

These discoveries happen to take place in each respective website’s footer: an area never to be underutilized or underestimated.

The descriptor “kick-ass” is synonymous with awesome and cool.(1) The Twitter hashtag #KickAss communicates these attributes. Kick-ass work rewards the maker, client, and customer. Presumably everyone, in any discipline, hopes to achieve kick-ass results. Toronto-based technology consulting shop Feature Creep proclaims it. It’s a scream masquerading as a whisper.

Web design and development studio Atto Partners, in Ireland, have a pristine arrangement of pertinent lists—with labels that read like a sentence.

Since hearing author and former wine video blogger Gary Vaynerchuk’s term “The Thank You Economy”, I’ve been more reminded that being powered by gratitude is an incredibly creative driver that acknowledges the cumulative impact of small positive acts. And, yes, it is also an economic driver. Based in New York City, Philadelphia, and Austin, Happy Cog, is a team that “painstakingly craft digital experiences that balance beauty and utility.” They likewise express their gratitude, typographically speaking and more so.

(1) It’s also synonymous with literally kicking someone’s ass, but the aspirational version, when it comes to doing good work, is preferred, to be painfully obvious.