September 13, 2011

Two Things about Steve Jobs

Mother’s sketch based on image from the news

Word of Steve Jobs stepping down as Apple CEO came to me in the best way—from my mother (who drew above), an Apple fan and Mac user. My reaction was “No” with a double meaning: no, I didn’t hear about that; and no (pronounced with a long “o”), that’s sad news. My reaction eventually turned into reflection. I recalled my Mac IIsi, looping the “Think Different” commercial with its inspirational script, and watching Apple Keynote presentations for art therapy. I also reflected on these two recurring observations about Steve Jobs.

Source: Apple

For the children and the child in us
Several Apple TV commercials close with an image of children. Designer Paul Rand (who designed the NeXT logo) wrote an essay called “Design and the Play Instinct” (1965) which, in essence, is about practicing and preserving the ability “to see the myriad possibilities and discover the ideal form.” This speaks to childlike curiosity and playfulness. These are qualities that Apple’s culture and products embody and demonstrate.

Source: Lynn Marie 2, Flickr

Great products first and foremost
In his appearances at AllThingsD conferences, including his Keynotes, Jobs emphasized making great products—not great experiences. Of course, great products are no small feat. If this requisite is reached, however, the great experience is earned. Creating a great product is a huge accomplishment. And the culmination of many tiny decisions that go into a product are what ensure that it’s the best it can be for the people using it.

Mother’s sketch based on image from the news

Here’s to Jobs’ health, his active role as Chairman, and to the march of his greatest product—Apple.

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